John lin is the owner and designer of zealots and villains. follow the brands journey here on his blog.


I’ve been wracking my brain for literally hours trying to figure out how to start this blog.  Beginnings are always tough.  No way around it.  I suppose, then, the only way to start, is to just start. 

My name is John Lin; I am the owner and designer of Zealots & Villains (Z&V for short).  We- I say “we” even though it’s really just myself, my wife and our two cats running this whole burning ship- are a brand spanking new start up street wear brand.

I created Z&V as a way to articulate my frustrations with how our world is being run.  Specifically, the sheer greed and fuckery that is going on around us.  We live in a country that the top 1% richest Americans own more than 40% of the entire nation’s wealth.  That is some fucked up math, man.  Now, I am not saying we go full socialist, as obviously, I believe in capitalism, but my God, how did we get here?  What kind of moral bankruptcy have we befallen to let us get to a point in society where the means of exploitation justifies the ends of greed?

The foundational philosophies of the designs are inspired by cryptocurrencies and its surrounding subcultures.  There’s just an exciting sense of discovery and counter culture that I find really fresh and appealing with crypto.  I hope that somehow, Z&V can create something unique in the intersection between all these elements and we can create/foster a community that sits in protest of all the bullshit villainy around us. 

Anyway, that’s the hope. 

As far as this blog, I’m starting it to document the process of creating and fulfilling the brand.  Whether or not Z&V takes off or totally completely bombs, I think it’ll be an interesting process to document and hopefully would provide some fascinating stories for you to read through.  I really want to open up in this space and create a dialogue with you guys about anything, everything, nothing.

So.  With that.  I guess, we begin. 

Failing Fast